Access to renewable and clean sources of energy and light combined with income generation opportunities, especially for women, has a direct impact on the livelihoods and wellbeing of people, families and communities. Our work in livelihoods seeks to build the capacity and skills of women in remote areas and provide communities across remote and rural PNG with a reliable source of clean energy and light.


Strongim Meri Bisnis

Our Strongim Meri Bisnis project supports women to establish small businesses from which they can earn a regular income. Business skills training combined with literacy skills and training in the provision of female hygiene products and solar-related services are provided to women’s groups across remote and rural parts of PNG. When you invest in a woman, you are investing in the whole community, and benefits from the micro businesses help to support school project fees, educational resources and other community development initiatives.


Light Up PNG

Our partnership with Australian charity, SolarBuddy, supports the distribution of thousands of solar lights to children across PNG. 6.3 million Papua New Guineans live without access to the electricity grid. The gift of solar light, provided by children and organisations in Australia and around the world, increase student study and learning time after dark, make people, especially women and girls, safer in their villages, and reduce reliance on expensive and toxic kerosene and dangerous campfires.

Village Connect2.jpg

Village Connect

Our Village Connect project supports the installation and training of women and men in household solar lighting and energy systems that illuminate entire homes. Improving PNG’s solar infrastructure benefits education, income generation, the environment and health outcomes for local people. Our project illuminates one village at a time, enhancing livelihoods opportunities for local communities. Training in installation and maintenance is key to the ongoing sustainability of the solar infrastructure.