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“We work with people and communities to improve the lives and futures of Papua New Guineans. We do this by: assisting remote and rural communities with access to elementary and primary education; improving access to quality and accessible healthcare; improving livelihoods and access to sustainable income-generation opportunities, especially for women; and by fostering the next generation of leaders.

Our inspiration is to keep the story of Kokoda alive.

130,000 kids in SCHOOL

KTF has recently completed its Teach for Tomorrow project, training 3,685 elementary teachers across 14 Provinces in rural PNG. Together, these teachers deliver education to more than 130,000 children.




We believe in a holistic and rights-based approach to development. By working across the important areas of education, health, livelihoods and leadership in partnership with local people, local organisations and PNG institutions, we can co-create the change that is urgently needed in PNG.

Education is the key to PNG’s bright future and we are committed to training a new cohort of passionate teachers who deliver high-quality education to children in remote parts of the country. We believe that dedicated and skilled teachers have the greatest impact on student outcomes and the earlier learning begins for children, the greater the benefits will be in the long-term.

Health, too, is critical; communities must have free and reliable access to primary healthcare, life-saving immunisations and medicines, child and maternal health services and vision services that improve quality of life. We invest in Community Health Workers who are the cornerstone of the rural health system.

Improving livelihoods and creating opportunities for local people, especially women, to make a living through sustainable, environmentally friendly businesses is the key to communities lifting themselves out of poverty.

And a new generation of dedicated, passionate leaders for PNG will be the catalyst for transformation and social change.

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3.6 kilometeres


Nearest neighbours

A mere 3.6 kilometres separates Australia and Papua New Guinea and yet of all nearest neighbours in the world, no two have a greater disparity of poverty and wealth than our two nations.

We believe that great neighbours should lend a hand to one another. As an organisation that spans both nations, we believe that there is much for each other to learn from and know about each other.

Shared history

A close bond forged during the Kokoda Campaign of WWII in 1942, Australia and Papua New Guinea have retained an enduring friendship long after PNG’s independence.

We believe that Australia has a debt to repay to Papua New Guinea, for the selfless help given to our diggers during the Kokoda Campaign and other WWII battlefields right across PNG.

Spread our wings

After a decade working along the Kokoda Track, we reimagined ourselves and took the Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly as our logo. Native to the Oro Province in PNG, KTF’s birthplace, the Birdwing Butterfly is the largest butterfly in the world. It symbolises our growth and geographic expansion across PNG, bringing our effective and innovative programming to hundreds of new communities across the country.


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