Education is the key to PNG’s future. Investing in a strong, confident and empowered generation of teachers, quality school infrastructure and rich and supported learning environments for children in remote and rural PNG is the focus of our work in education. KTF believes that everyone has a right to inclusive, equitable and quality education. This is why KTF is investing in projects that are directly contributing to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Teach for Tomorrow

Our Teach for Tomorrow project trains thousands of elementary teachers across remote and rural PNG. To date, we have trained 3,436 elementary teachers from 13 Provinces, keeping over 130,000 children in school. These teachers are the cornerstone of the rural elementary schooling system in PNG and support the learning of children during their most critical years.


Teach for Tomorrow II

Our Teach for Tomorrow II project provides ongoing mentoring, upskilling and training for thousands of elementary teachers across rural PNG. Working in some of the country’s most remote corners, often in sole-teacher schools across multiple grade levels, this project provides vital support for PNG’s unsung heroes.


PNG Schools Project

Our PNG Schools Project supports the operations of elementary and primary schools in remote Oro and Central Provinces - across the corridor of the Kokoda Track. This support involves the posting and salaries of teachers, classroom infrastructure, solar lighting, energy, clean water and sanitation, and an ongoing supply of high quality educational resources.

Kokoda College.jpg

Kokoda College

At the Kokoda College, we are preparing a cohort of committed students for a long-term career in elementary or primary teaching. With new minimum entry qualifications of tertiary education, the College offers PNG’s Flexible & Open Distance Education course, upgrading Grade 10 school leavers to Grade 12. Our graduates then train as teachers and are committed to teaching in remote schools.