We believe leadership is an important driver of development in PNG. The country faces a raft of complex cultural, linguistic, resource, political, community, environmental, and sustainability issues. Effective leaders are ones who understand this context and can influence direction setting and development strategy. Our leadership program identifies promising PNG leaders and improves their leadership knowledge, concepts and connections, and the confidence needed to stand tall and lead change.


Archer Leaders Program

The Archer Leaders Development Program finds and fosters the next generation of PNG leaders. The program takes an annual cohort of final year tertiary students on a year-long intensive, experiential leadership development journey. The program fosters around adaptive leadership and the premise that leadership is exercised and fostered through connections, partnering, broadened perspectives and identifying and tackling adaptive social challenges.


Community Kickstarters

Our Community Kickstarter Grants support Archer Leaders to undertake community development and social impact initiatives that address social challenges in PNG. Our young leaders have risen to the challenge with innovative, experimental and impactful programs that create lasting change. From UniMums, a start-up aimed at helping young mums and pregnant women, to a library in Bougainville, the Archers are changing lives.

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Archer Conference

“We own collective responsibility for the global conditions that we impact and that impact us. We will not make these changes based on authority-based leadership, but rather with each of us taking a leadership role” Ron Heifetz. Archer conference brings the Archer alumni together each year to continue their adaptive leadership journeys, reconnect with alumni, exercise leadership, share stories and be inspired to embark on social change.