Young Leaders Gather for Inaugural Conference

Last weekend, forty members of KTF’s Archer Leaders Alumni gathered in Port Moresby for the inaugural Archer Leaders Conference. Facilitated by Australian NGO KTF, the conference was the first time the leaders had come together since participating in the year-long leadership development program, aimed at finding and fostering the next generation of PNG leaders.

Based on the theory of adaptive leadership by Ron Heifetz, the Archer conference explored exercising leadership and utilising the power of partnering, deep analysis, new solutions and innovative storytelling to effect change. Facilitated by Terri Soller from Collaboration for Impact, the two-day conference created opportunities for the Archer Leaders to collaborate, partner and explore how they will embark on social impact, community development and social enterprise initiatives that address a range of challenges currently facing PNG.  

“What inspired me most about the Archer Alumni Conference was meeting and being together with the Archer alumni who are still very passionate and working hard to create change in PNG” said Archer Alumnus, Dr Michel Mel.

Guest speakers included Ruth Kissam (PNG Tribal Foundation), Roberta Morlin (social entrepreneur), Vani Nades (Emstret), Dagia Aka (Institute of the De La Salle Brothers of Papua), Sebastian De Brennan (Human Rights Law), Angus White (Mundango Abroad) and David Wissink (Wafi Golpu Joint Venture).

“The line of speakers was awe-inspiring; but not only did they serve as impressive role models for the alumni, they actively facilitated tangible conversations and opportunities to engage, experiment, collaborate and set goals for the future” said Dr Gen Nelson, CEO of KTF. “Each participant took away their own unique message and experience from the conference.”

KTF announced at the conference an extension to its Community Kickstart Grants program but with a slight re-focus for 2019. “Moving forward, we will only support initiatives that are a collaboration among at least 3 to 4 alumni members” said Dr Nelson. “We believe that social impact will be far greater as a result of people working in partnership with one another and hence our focus is now on impact initiatives that foster collaboration and innovation.”

The conference was generously supported by Australian Private Ancillary Fund, Mundango Abroad, and Airways Hotel. The conference will be an annual event.

Mike Nelson