KTF delivers much needed resources as part of its PNG Schools Project

Over the weekend, as part of KTF’s PNG Schools Project, KTF delivered tens of thousands of Kina worth of school supplies, learning resources and stationeries to schools across the Oro Province.

The resources comprised of reading books, exercise books, A4 & A3 paper, pens, lead pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, coloured pencils, paints, chalk, butchers paper, crayons, scissors, glue, arts & crafts and sporting equipment. Also included in the delivery were teacher resources such as planners and educational charts.

KTF also designed an innovate Bilum Ball pack for each school comprised of small hacky-sack like balls that can be made from bilum material and stuffed with rice or small stones. These balls were accompanied by language & literature exercises as well as mathematics exercises. “The best thing about the Bilum Ball packs is that they teach children exercises in counting and alphabet (to name a few), serving multiple purposes across the curriculum. They can also be easily made locally and replaced when required as they are made from materials that are commonly found in rural and remote communities in PNG” said KTF’s Program Manager, Martha Bentley.

KTF supports the operations of 50 schools along and around the Kokoda Track, up to the Northern Beaches of Oro and down to the Tufi region. KTF does this by delivering educational resources and teaching materials as well as supporting the postings and salaries of teachers throughout the region. Previously, KTF has also build a number of schools and continues to provide small budgets for maintenance.

Over the weekend, the KTF team pushed through the hot and wet conditions to sign new teacher contracts and deliver school resources to elementary and primary schools in Kokoda, Kebara, Gorari, Waju, Ambene, Eiwo, Sanananda, Bagou, Killerton, Buna, Ango and Dobuduru.

KTF needs your help to keep schools open. To donate, click here. Today, KTF is launching a fundraising campaign to provide resources and support to schools along the Kokoda Track and in the catchment region.

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Mike Nelson