Statement: KTA / KTF Scholarship Scheme

This week, KTA and KTF launched a joint scholarship scheme for the children and families of the Kokoda Track. Generously funded by the KTA, and administered by KTF, the scheme will support the project fees of 1,874 primary school students from across the catchment region supported under KTA’s jurisdiction. 


Primary project tuition fees will be supported across the following schools, easing the financial burden of thousands of people in the catchment region:


Sogeri Primary School: 170 scholarships 

Manari Adventist Primary School: 73 scholarships

Efogi Adventist Primary School: 136 scholarships

Kavovo Primary School: 72 scholarships

Abuari Community School: 68 scholarships

Bodinumu Primary School: 47 scholarships

Kokoda Primary School: 726 scholarships

Gorari Primary School: 226 scholarships

Kebara Primary School: 323 scholarships

Koki Primary School: 10 scholarships

Kaugera Primary School: 16 scholarships

St John Community School at Kuriva: 7 scholarships


KTF undertook mapping on behalf of KTA across the region and is administering the payment of scholarship fees, directly into school bank accounts of which it is entering into MOUs. KTF will report back to the KTA and broader stakeholders on the use of the project fees by schools.


KTF is not making any profit from the partnership with KTA. KTF is contributing its own resources to the partnership for strong and collective investment in education across the region. KTF will work closely with each school, where it already has long-standing relationships, to ensure the funds are put to the approved use by school boards of management. This requires an investment of KTF time and resources; we are not receiving funds to contribute towards our work in mapping, administration, monitoring and reporting. 


Significant consultation has been undertaken by both parties with schools, parents, landowners and communities across the region, and the support for scholarships was identified as one of the key areas of support requested for KTA intervention. 


Questions can be directed to:


Dr Genevieve Nelson; 412 869 210

Anthony Nagul; 7352 5495

Mike Nelson