PNG Schools Project

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Teachers are key!

The cornerstone of the rural education system, elementary and primary schools would not operate without dedicated teachers. Our PNG Schools Project supports the postings and salaries of elementary and primary teachers in the Oro and Central Provinces to ensure that schools remain open. From schools along the Kokoda Track itself (including Manari, Naduri, and Alola) to those in the broader catchment region (including Gorari, Sanananda, Buna and Doboduru), our teachers are some of the most dedicated you will find in the profession.

Fuel for the school

Our PNG Schools Project also provides the educational resources that teachers and students require to operate effectively. These resources include curriculum and teacher resources, stationery, writing and drawing materials, reading books and library books, and furniture and other teaching materials. Due to our schools remote locations, delivery is often the hardest part and we get materials to schools via dinghy, small aircraft, chopper, 4WD or walking! We deliver a regular supply so that schools never go without.


Classroom Infrastructure

Where classrooms don’t exist, or aren’t of high enough quality, our PNG Schools Project will build classrooms or undertake maintenance on existing classrooms to ensure they are capable of hosting high-quality learning environments. We have constructed school classrooms in remote communities along the Kokoda Track, in the Kokoda region and in the northern beaches region or Oro Province. We then commit to the operations of these classrooms including training and posting teachers and delivery of a regular supply of operating resources.


Solar, Water and Sanitation

Alongside investing in classroom infrastructure, we ensure that schools have access to solar lighting and energy and clean water, sanitation and hand-washing facilities. The illumination of classrooms ensures for quality learning as well as opportunities for communities to use classroom facilities out of school hours for community initiatives such as adult literacy training. Clean water and sanitation are critical for the operations of schools and ensure that girls are more likely to attend schools along with their male peers as they have access to hygienic hand washing and sanitation facilities during menstruation.


Where do we support schools?

Our PNG Schools Project operates in the Oro and Central Provinces only including schools along and around the Kokoda Track. The following map outlines our current PNG Schools Project locations:

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